Aug 17th, 2012

Our Services include: Hydrographic surveys, Bathymetric surveys, Sidescan surveys, Lunar Clocks, Magnetometer surveys, Geophysical surveys, Sub-bottom surveys, Dye surveys, Drogue surveys, Current surveys, Wave surveys, Tide surveys, Echosounding surveys, Marine Outfall Studies, Tide Tables, River Studies, Dredging & Disposal, River Studies, Facilities Planning, Shoreline & Inter-tidal Topographic Survey, Flood Level Studies, Contamination Dispersion.

Marine Outfall Studies:

Description   Field Measurements


Marine outfall studies are carried out to assess the assimilative capacities of receiving waters and to provide the optimum location and length of the outfall pipe.  Typically, a programme of field measurements is undertaken to provide data for engineering purposes and to assist in the calibration and verification of hydrodynamic/dispersion modelling.

Field Measurements

The field measurements generally consist of a combination of the following:-

  • Current Profiling
  • Recording Current Measurements
  • Drogue or Float Tracking
  • Dye Dispersion Tests
  • Tide Level Measurements
  • Meteorological Measurements
  • Bathymetry (Multibeam or Single Beam)
  • Topography (in intertidal zone to above the HW mark)

When a potential route/location has been identified further field data may be required, such as:-

  • Sidescan Sonar
  • Magnetometer
  • Sub-bottom Profiling


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 Survey Aspects

Ards Peninsula Outfall Assessment

Client: Northern Ireland Water
Consulting Engineer: RPS (Belfast)


Current Profiling
Tide Levels
Met. Observations

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