Aug 17th, 2012

Lunar Clocks:

Irish Hydrodata provides lunar clock solutions to suit customer requirements.  Typically such clocks are installed to control discharges based on local predicted tidal conditions.  Recent implementations include software module for a client's SCADA system and standalone low power microcontroller clock with GPS timing.

Our Services include: Hydrographic surveys, Bathymetric surveys, Sidescan surveys, Lunar Clocks, Magnetometer surveys, Geophysical surveys, Sub-bottom surveys, Dye surveys, Drogue surveys, Current surveys, Wave surveys, Tide surveys, Echosounding surveys, Marine Outfall Studies, Tide Tables, River Studies, Dredging & Disposal, River Studies, Facilities Planning, Shoreline & Inter-tidal Topographic Survey, Flood Level Studies, Contamination Dispersion.

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